Choosing the right lender used to be a difficult task. We are happy to state that mortgage lending is no longer difficult with American Interbanc Mortgage! Welcome to the comfort that is borrowing with American Interbanc Mortgage and see for yourself why our customers come back to us time and time again for loans on new homes or to refinance their existing mortgages. American Interbanc Mortgage has 15+ years of responsible lending experience. We are a low-cost mortgage lender because we operate on a low-margin model with a centralized operation to promote efficiency, a fixed overhead, and a restrained Loan Officer compensation structure. Because we operate our business efficiently, we can pass tremendous cost savings on to the customer with our always low pricing. Unlike mortgage lenders who maintain brick and mortar locations and operate on the old-fashioned retail model, we promote quick turnarounds, and operational efficiency. If you have any doubt about our rates, just compare us to the other lenders on sites like Bankrate®, Zillow®, Lending Tree®, etc. If you search by rate, we will be near the top of the list.